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Arksutra is a conventional company who gives credence to staying conjoin with our roots. We are a front runner in manufacturing beauty and skincare products like soaps, essential oils, mists, attars and many more are drawing in.

Arksutra is an authentic, traditional essential oils and perfume brand, with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. A pioneer in the Luxury Ayurvedic segment, today it has become the quintessential Indian Perfume Brand where secrets of ancient beauty rituals for essential oils and perfume have been brought to life through painstaking research and made available to modern-day customers.

Our commencement is  by  comprehending  and  respecting  our  heritage  and the  needs  of  our consumers.  By  tapping  into  your  psyche,  we  build  on  our  strengths  and  your recommendations are fuel for our engine.  Making  us  ready  as  a  brand  that  believes  in  evolutionary rather than revolutionary  change. We’re simply put, beauty connoisseurs.

Roughly translated ‘Arksutra’ means the rules that thread the brightness of the soul. For over decades Indians have kept the secret to true beauty, going the natural route. We believe now is the time we share that story through our products that truly celebrate nature. 

Rooted in the mystic laws of our land we craft elements sourced locally and give you the legacy that our ancestors stored for us almost two decades when L.G.M fragrances first incepted the idea that we take forward today. From exemplary cold-pressed oils to attars that sing the Indian tune, we use a mixture of traditional and modern techniques that give us extraordinary products. And trust us, it’s magical.

Our desire is to propagate our products to the ends of the earth leaving not even a single soul behind, the magic should reach to heaven and beyond to become omnipresent. Enchanting like the million shades of sky with the passage of time, we have proffered such a range of products. Your ubiquitous influence will never be overlooked, this is what we seek to achieve. Utterly equipped to reinvigorate your senses with our bewildering fabrication. Ignited like the most powerful and dynamic element, ready to blaze away rivalry.

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