Essential Oils

Benefits and Use of Essential Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are used to encourage the sense of smell, reduce stress and treat fungal infections. They are extracted from plants through distillation, which turns the “essence” of a plant into a liquefied form. However, essential oils have powerful health benefits. Before that, let’s understand what essential oils are, how it is beneficial and how to use essential oil. 

What are Essential Oils? 

Essential oils are extracted from plants that retain the natural smell and flavor, or “esse\L6454ce,” of their source. Essential oils are often used as alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. Despite its widespread use, it has the ability to treat certain health conditions. Below is evidence regarding some of the benefits of essential oils.

Health Benefits of Essential Oil: 

Here’s a look at some of the common health benefits of essential oils which is helpful in aromatherapy 

1. Stress and Anxiety: The smell of essential oil can best treat stress and anxiety. Using essential oil during massage may help relieve stress. Lavender Essential Oil is one of the best essential oils to relieve stress and anxiety. The lavender essential oil derived from the lavender plant can be applied to the skin and is used for aromatherapy. 

2. Sleep and Insomnia: Smelling lavender oil improves sleep quality and benefits patients with heart disease. Lavender can help with stress, pain, and sleep.

3. Hair Growth: Essential oils can help improve the health of your hair with minimal side effects. They’re effortless to use. One of the best essential oils for hair growth is Tea tree Oil. It is one of the essential oils with several uses, including keeping your skin, hair, and nails healthy. Let us discuss some of the excellent benefits of tea tree oil for hair.

  • Tea tree oil nourishes hair follicles and roots, producing strong and thick hair.
  • Tea tree oil is effective in soothing the scalp and treating dandruff, and it can also prevent excessive hair fall.
  • The antifungal properties of tea tree oil for hair reduces the severity of dandruff and improve other symptoms.
  • Tea tree oil can improve common skin conditions where scaly patches appear on the scalp. It improves itchiness and greasiness after using tea tree oil as shampoo. 
  • Tea tree oil nourishes hair follicles and roots, producing strong and thick hair.

4. Reduces Inflammation: Essential oils may reduce inflammatory conditions. The essential oil has inflammatory properties that can reduce the harmful effects of inflammation.

5. Antibiotic and Antimicrobial: Essential oils have many interesting health applications. Essential oils, such as peppermint and tea tree oil, are extensively used for their antimicrobial properties. Let us discuss some benefits of tea tree oil for the skin.

  • Tea tree oil contains those compounds that can fight bacteria responsible for body odor. 
  • A combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil can help to prevent cuts and abrasions from becoming infected.
  • The anti-inflammatory property of tea tree oil helps soothe dry skin and provides relief to painful, swelling, and irritated skin. 

Arksutra’s Tea tree essential oil for skin is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Its antiseptic properties help combat oily skin and soothe dry skin by reducing itchiness and redness.

How do we Use Essential Oils?

One of the best and most common ways to use essential oils is to inhale them, as they contain both unique scents and therapeutic properties. You can also use essential oil in diffusers and humidifiers, diluted with carrier oil, and applied to the skin.

Essential oils are used to encourage the sense of smell. 

There are many ways to use essential oils; however, the primary three ways are—applied to the skin, inhaled, or ingested. The methods are different in each of these ways. 

  • You can inhale essential oil by diffusers, dry evaporation, or take steam or spray. 
  • While if you want to use essential oil, you can dilute it in a carrier substance. 

Popular Types of Essential Oil:

We are the leading manufacturers of traditional essential oils and perfumes, having a foundation in Ayurveda. Arksutra is one of the top essential oil brands with segments of essential oils and perfumes for modern-day customers. We have curated the list of best essential oils for hair, especially along with specific features:

Rosemary Essential Oil

Arksutra’s rosemary oil has many hair benefits. Rosemary has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to improve blood circulation, reduce hair fall, and much more. It also works on dandruff and treats itchy scalp. Using rosemary essential oil for hair promotes hair growth successfully. 

Lavender Essential Oil

Arksutra’s lavender oil has properties that can enhance the growth of cells and reduce stress. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which can improve scalp health.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil promotes hair growth during the growing phase. It can increase the number of follicles and follicle depth and enhances overall hair growth.

Ylang Essential Oil

Arksutra’s orris and ylang-ylang essential oil are ideal for dry scalps. Since lack of oil and sebum causes hair damage, ylang-ylang essential oil for hair can improve hair texture and reduce hair breakage.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the essential oils with several uses, including keeping your skin, hair, and nails healthy. The antifungal properties of tea tree oil reduce the severity of dandruff and improve other symptoms.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oil for hair is an effective dandruff treatment, which can significantly reduce dandruff when used daily.

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