Attars and Colognes

Points of Difference Between Attars and Colognes

Attar and cologne are both in the race today in the Beauty world. But you might have often considered both the same thing; however, you’re mistaken. Might you get confused between buying cologne or an attar? Here are the differences between the two that will help you choose. What...

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Smell Great All day long

Tips to Smell Great All Day Long

Body odor says a lot about our personality. So the best way to smell good is to know your body. You have to understand how you react to different scents and wash routines. Perfume can be another solution, and people have used different kinds of fragrance oils to freshen...

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Guide to Body Mists

Your Guide to Body Mists – What to Avoid

Nothing is more memorable than a smell. People may forget your name or where you come from, but they will always remember the kind of aroma you brought in when you first entered the room. Let us accept it- body odor is a big turn-off! It not just creates...

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