Points of Difference Between Attars and Colognes

Attars and Colognes

Attar and cologne are both in the race today in the Beauty world. But you might have often considered both the same thing; however, you’re mistaken. Might you get confused between buying cologne or an attar? Here are the differences between the two that will help you choose.

What is Attar? 

The word ‘attar’, ‘ittar’, or ‘itra’ have been derived from the Persian word ‘itir’ and the Arabic word ‘itr’, which means’ perfume.

There are mainly two types of Attar based on their effect on the human body;

  • Warm Attar: This includes Musk, Amber, and Kesar(saffron), which are best in winter
  • Cool Attar: rose, Jasmine, khus, kewda, and mogra are perfect for summer.

The most popular scents are rose, sandalwood, khus, or light floral scent. 

What is Cologne?

Cologne is usually packaged in a dark-colored or black glass bottle with a simple, industrial design. It gives a more masculine appearance, targeting men. Cologne contains a much smaller percentage of essential oils and is more diluted with alcohol or water. Cologne may be referred to by different names, such as eau de toilette, aftershave, and eau de cologne.

The most popular scents of cologne are woody, musky, or citrus. 

Below is the Comparison that might help you select what resonates with you more. 

  • Oil and Spray

Genuine attars are more of oil, while cologne comes in the form of sprays. Attars are extremely concentrated as they are formulated using botanical sources. Colognes have a far lower concentration of oils of around 2%-5%, making them last longer.

  • The Process of Making them

Cologne is made from alcohol, water, fragrance, essential oils, or attars. Whereas attars are generally made using a traditional hydro-distillation method, with most having a base in sandalwood oil. The raw material used in making attars are parts of plants, including their roots, flowers, leaves, etc. 

  • Eco-Friendly

Attars are bio-degradable and perfect for nature as compared to cologne. Since you cannot mix perfume with water in the air or water bodies, it can be harmful due to its chemicals. 

  • Price

If you invest in a sandalwood-based attar, it will be expensive as the labor-intensive process is needed to produce them. Also, attars are very rare to find, and it is tough to have a genuine attar today as the market is full of duplicates. 

When we speak of high-end colognes, there are a lot of brands. Some colognes cost more while some can be cheaper. The introductory price of cologne varies from around $15 for a sample bottle at a drugstore to $60+ from a recognized brand. Some luxury colognes cost upwards of $100.

So these were the differences between Attars and Cologne. If you are looking for the best Attar for men, your search ends there. We encourage fully natural ingredients to make products. We, the leading manufacturers of traditional essential oils and perfumes, have a foundation in Ayurveda and are presenting you with the best Attar for men.

We have curated the List of top long-lasting Attar for Men, which is the most trending nowadays:

Rooh Gulab

Arksutra’s Gulab Attar, one of the best Attar for men, is made from the extracts of fresh petals of Rosa Damascena, which makes it soothing and refreshing. It is infused with pure Geranium oil with antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Rooh Gulab profoundly moisturizes and hydrates your skin.

Rooh Jasmine Attar

Arksutra’s Jasmine Attar is known for its romantic fragrance that can uplift your mood. The hydro-distillation makes jasmine flowers have a pleasing and rich aroma. It carries a rich tone of Jasmine and is considered one of the finest attar oil & scent available in today’s time.

Rooh Khus Attar

Arksutra’s Khus Attar is extracted from Kannauj vetiver grass and has a rich, sweet, and deep woody fragrance. The perfume oil is derived through the hydro distillation process from dried or soaked vetiver grass.

Rooh Mitti Attar

Perfume manufacturers in Kannauj, the perfume capital of India, capture the smell of the first rain in bottles widely known as “Mitti Attar” or Petrichor Essential oil. The perfume city has produced fine quality Mitti Attar from the Mughal periods. Arksutra’s Mitti Attar is made from baking clay extracted from topsoil. The unique fragrance of Mitti will remind you of the rain.  

Rooh Muskember Attar

It is made by co-distilling 72 herbs and natural essential oils. It is known for its rare, spicy, and rich aroma. This Attar is mainly used in the winter as it warms up the body. Musk amber attar, Shama Attar, or Heena Attar, has a deep rich fragrance endowed with Musk flower.

Rooh Sandalwood

Rooh Sandalwood, the best Attar for men and women, has been hydro-distilled using the traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka’ process that has been used for centuries. It contains a woody and long-lasting fragrance widely used in aromatherapy centers to treat mind-related problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, mental fatigue, exhaustion, etc.

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