Attar Guide and How to Use It Correctly

Attar Guide and How to Use it Correctly

Attars have been in tradition for centuries in India. In ancient times these fragrances were appreciated by many emperors and their queens. When the roll-on attar bottles were not introduced, people used to apply them to their wrists and dab them lightly on the other hand’s wrist. This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about Attar and how to use it correctly. Let us proceed by knowing what to consider when applied directly to the body.  

Below are the tips to Consider While Applying Attar Directly on the body:

There are certain aspects you should keep in mind when applying Attar to the body:

  • Make sure your hands are clean.
  • Synthetic attars might irritate certain skin types, so use natural attars. You may buy naturally formulated attars from Arksutra
  • Your hands should not be dehydrated; a little moisture will likely enhance the experience.
  • Dark attars can stain clothes.
  • Always maintain the hygiene of your fragrances.

Now let us know what the uses of natural attars are. 

  • Natural attars are natural aromatic oils used as a fragrant natural material. 
  • Attars can be applied directly to the body or clothes, which are highly concentrated and thus can be used in small quantities.
  • You can use attars in Puja offerings during various ceremonies and rituals. Arksutra’s Rooh Sandalwood Attar has a deep and unconventional fragrance that can capture the attention of people near you. Its wooden scent freshens the entire respiratory tract and can be used during prayers. You can also try Arksutra’s Rooh Jasmine Attar, linked with spiritual, religious, and medical aspects. It has a refreshing and vibrant scent as it is one of the favourite flowers to Gods in Indian tradition.
  • Attars can treat body pains, cold and cough, asthma, dizziness, etc. You should prefer Arksutra’s Rooh Muskamber Attar and reduce stress, tiredness and anxiety. 

Below are the ways to choose the best Attar for you

The aromatic oils in attars are extracted from natural sources such as wood, plants, flower petals, herbs and spices to refresh your mind and body and offer you a relaxing and pleasant experience. Compared to modern perfumes, the fragrance of attars is natural, alcoholic free and long-lasting, making it safe for your skin. Try Arksutra’s Rooh Gulab Attar, which is derived from the extracts of fresh petals of Rosa Damascena.

Even after the seamless benefits of Attar, choosing the right attar for you might often be challenging, especially if you’re new to attars. Consider these factors while selecting the best Attar for men.

Get it from authentic sellers:

The first and foremost thing you should consider while buying the best Attar for men and women is buying them from authentic sellers only. Arksutra, the best attar brand, offers you Rooh Jasmine Attar, known for its romantic fragrance that can instantly uplift your mood. 


  • All the attars are not suitable for every season. Attars, including Shamama Attar, are best suited for winter as they comprise features that make you feel warm. 

Try Arksutra’s Rooh Musk Amber Attar, which has a popular fragrance blended to give a soft, musky overtone. It is widely preferred during winter.

  • While attars like Gulab, Mitti Attar, and Rooh Khus Attar are best suited for summers as they have cooling properties.

If you are looking for a special summer attar, then try Arksutra’s Rooh Mitti Attar, which is made from baking clay extracted from topsoil. The unique, earthy fragrance of Mitti will remind you of the memories relating to the rain.

If you are looking for Attar for the summer days, it would be best to prefer Arksutra’s Rooh Khus Attar. The vetiver’s dried or wet roots and grass cool the ambience and fragrance to moist air. It is used as curtains on windows and doors to keep insects at bay.

Gender – How to Pick Attar for Men or Women?

The categories of top notes, middle notes and base notes are the main compositions of Attar, and middle and Base notes play a significant role in defining the final aroma. It would be best always to consider whether you’re buying the best Attar for men or women. 

  • In case you’re purchasing the best Attar for men, they should have a strong aroma having spicy, woody, and oud aroma. Try Arksutra’s Rooh Khus Attar, which has been listed as a favourite perfume worn by royalty. You can also go for Arksutra’s Rooh Sandalwood attar due to its unconventional fragrance of sandalwood and woody base notes.
  • If you’re buying Attar for women, consider buying floral attars with notes of wood and musk. Try Arksutra’s Rooh Gulab Attar, infused with pure Geranium oil that has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can deeply moisturise and hydrates your skin. Women can also go for Rooh Jasmine attar as it reduces the symptoms of menopause for women.

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