Rooh Muskamber Attar

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Musk Amber has a popular fragrance blended to give a soft, musky overtone. It has main constituents such as musk flower essential oil and pure sandalwood essential oil. Also, the musk amber has a sweet, earthy musk aroma that makes it a very popular aphrodisiac.

It is widely preferred during winters. If you are looking for the perfect musk amber attar, we suggest Arksutra’s Rooh Musk Amber Attar.


What is Musk Amber Attar? 

Musk amber attar or Shama Attar or Heena Attar has a deep rich fragrance endowed with Musk flowers. It is one of the most popular attars, which contains soft, musky overtones with a sweet, earthy aroma. 

This liquid-based Attar consists of essential musk flower oil and other natural elements. You should know that the musk flower, also known as the monkeyflower, is in North America, Australia, and India. 

How is Muskamber Attar Prepared?

Arksutra’s Rooh Muskamber Attar is made by co-distilling 72 herbs and natural essential oils. This herbal Attar is known for its rare, spicy, and rich aroma. It is also known as Shamama Attar, mainly used to warm up the body in winter. 

The steaming process takes place to extract the oil from these herbs. It gives the Attar a sweet, soft, and musky fragrance. Musk flower and amber oil are the two main ingredients of Rooh Musk amber Attar. Arksutra uses natural add plant-based ingredients in all our attars.

Benefits and Uses of Muskamber Attar:

  • Arksutra’s Rooh Musk amber Attar consists of several healthy plants beneficial for health. 
  • Our Muskamber Attar is chemical-free, non-alcoholic, and contains no other unwanted substances. So if your skin is sensitive, you can opt for this Attar as it has negligible effects on your skin. 
  • Our Shama Attar is one of the most popular and lovable perfumes in this industry, where musk flower oil works to smell sweet, strong, and fresh. 
  • Arksutra’s Rooh Muskamber Attar helps to reduce stress, tiredness, and anxiety. 
  • It also benefits joint pains, skin problems, and acne.

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2 reviews for Rooh Muskamber Attar

  1. Ratna Kumar (verified owner)

    Their range of products is diverse and exciting. I love trying new scents and exploring their unique blends!

  2. Chitra Mishra

    Rooh Muskamber Absolute (Rooh) Attar is a true masterpiece! Its rich and captivating aroma instantly takes me on a sensory journey, evoking a sense of elegance and sophistication. The blend of musk and amber creates a harmonious symphony that lingers beautifully on my skin throughout the day. This attar has become my signature scent, and I receive countless compliments whenever I wear it. Thank you, Arksutra, for crafting such a remarkable attar that adds a touch of luxury to my everyday life!

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