Rooh Jasmine Attar

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The fragrance of Jasmine is linked with spiritual, religious, and medical aspects. It has a refreshing and vibrant scent. The flower is generally presented to Gods in Indian tradition and is used for healing in Ayurveda ancient medical practices. Jasmine attar is well-known for its health benefits and its uses. Many famous brands like Arksutra have utilized unique jasmine scents to entice consumers to purchase essential oils and perfumes.


What is Jasmine Attar? 

Jasmine Attar is derived from the flower Jasmine, and it is organic and extracted in traditional ways that make it unique. It carries a rich tone of Jasmine and is considered one of the finest attar oil & scent available in today’s time.

Arksutra’s Rooh Jasmine Attar is known for its romantic fragrance that can instantly uplift your mood. It is made by the hydro-distillation process, which has a pleasing and rich aroma. It is one of the most demanding attar oils produced in-house by Arksutra.

Types of Jasmine Flowers:

There are two kinds of jasmine flowers used to extract essential oils and Attar. They are: 

  • Jasminum Sambac: Jasminum Sambac is found mainly in Southeast Asia, where it is grown for the production of scents and other reasons. Besides, they are harvested in the monsoon season in India. It is also known as North Indian Jasmine. 
  • Jasmine grandiflorum:  Jasmine grandiflorum is comparatively softer, gentle, and floral. It is frequently found in gardens all over the world. Jasmine grandiflorum blooms in the early dawn.

Benefits of Rooh Jasmine Attar:

  • The rich aroma of Jasmine helps to reduce anxiety, further relieving depression.
  • The fresh and rich fragrance of Rooh Jasmine Attar makes you confident.
  • Jasmine Attar is widely used for aromatherapy and spiritual uses. It enhances meditation and invokes a sense of sacredness and divinity.
  • Rooh Jasmine Attar has specific characteristics that balance the nervous system. 
  • It contains properties that increase immunity, so it is mainly used in Ayurveda and to treat ailments.
  • It reduces the symptoms of menopause for women. 
  • Rooh Jasmine Attar helps you get to sleep more quickly. It is the perfect solution for people who have insomnia.

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2 reviews for Rooh Jasmine Attar

  1. Anita Koul

    Wow! Rooh Jasmine Absolute Attar by Arksutra has exceeded my expectations and deserves a resounding 5-star rating! The captivating scent of jasmine takes me on a sensory journey, evoking feelings of joy and tranquility. It’s the perfect fragrance companion for special occasions or simply to uplift my mood. Highly recommended! ✨

  2. Ratna Kumar (verified owner)

    The customer care team was so helpful and responsive to my inquiries. It’s evident that they value their customers!

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