Rooh Mitti Attar

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You must have heard the songs and poems written on the loamy fragrance of rain but have come across the perfume. If not, Arksutra is presenting you Rooh Mitti Attar, which is made from baking clay extracted from topsoil. The unique, earthy fragrance of Mitti will remind you of the memories relating to the rain. This blog will cover the key features of Mitti Attar, its uses and its benefits.


What is Mitti Attar? 

Perfume manufacturers in Kannauj, the perfume capital of India, capture the smell of the first rain in bottles which are widely known as “Mitti Attar” or Petrichor Essential oil. The perfume city has produced fine quality Mitti Attar, from the Mughal periods. 

Arksutra’s Mitti Attar is made from baking clay extracted from topsoil when the first drop of rain falls. The unique, earthy aroma of mitti will invoke the memories of the rain. 

Uses and Benefits of Rooh Mitti Attar

  • Aromatherapy: Mitti Attar has a fragrance that can remind you of the soothing memories of rain. Its unique, earthy aroma freshens up the entire respiratory tract. Aromatherapy heals problems through scent. Aroma relaxes your body due to natural ingredients like Mitti present in Attar. It soothes the mind and helps relieve ailments like depression and stress. It also helps those who meditate and want to increase focus. 
  • Enhances Mood: When Mitti Attar travels your brain, it alters the brain waves and signals to reduce the levels of hormones that are responsible for stress levels, high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, metabolism, and memory. The soothing natural Attar can be used daily, and its relaxing aroma is also considered a stress buster.

How is Mitti Attar Made: 

Mitti Attar is made from clay extracted from the topsoil and baked in a kiln. Afterward, it is immersed in water within copper cauldrons called degs, sealed with earth. After the hydro-distillation process, it is stored in leather bottles, absorbing moisture and enhancing the fragrance.  

Since the fragrance of Mitti Attar resembles that of first rain or wet soil, it deepens your connection with nature & inner yourself. Arksutra is presenting you with the earthy fragrance of the mitti for Rs. 200/gram. To retain its aroma, you can browse our website and purchase the finest quality Rooh Mitti Attar.

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2 reviews for Rooh Mitti Attar

  1. Malika Jabeen Khan

    Rooh Mitti Absolute (Rooh) Attar is like a fragrance from heaven, capturing the enchanting aroma of the first rain ☔. Its captivating scent takes me back to those magical moments when the earth is refreshed and the air is filled with petrichor. This attar is truly a treasure, reminding me of the beauty and purity of nature. I can’t get enough of its divine fragrance! Thank you, Arksutra, for creating this exceptional attar that brings the essence of the first rain to life!

  2. Anvi Mehta (verified owner)

    The products I received are simply magical! Luxurious and indulgent, they have exceeded my expectations in every way. I’m hooked for life.

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