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5 Types of Diffuser Oils you should Get for your Home

Types of Diffuser Oils

If you are new to the world of oils, just a little research can help you find the most suitable oils and diffusers. Choosing the right diffuser oil is a top priority, but going through all the information is difficult to find one that meets your needs. After all, not all diffuser oils are made for a purpose and can be used in various ways. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about diffusers and the different types.

We need to go over the basics and must have a basic understanding of what diffusers are. Let’s start with what a diffuser is.

A diffuser uses essential oils and spreads throughout your space. It can be used for aromatherapy sessions, providing a clean and refreshing aroma and helping rejuvenate your mind and soul. Below are several different types of diffusers you can choose from. 

There are five main types of oil diffusers on the market right now. You can choose your diffuser based on the desired effect.

Nebulizing Diffusers: 

This essential oil diffuser is an excellent option if you want your lungs to work better. It breaks down the oil into separate molecules that can be easily dispersed throughout a room. The pump installed in the diffuser determines the molecule breakdown speed and the diffused scent’s coverage area.

It is hard to believe that Arksutra’s Cinnamon vanilla diffuser oil is the best to solve lungs problem. Arksutra’s Cinnamon Vanilla diffuser oil can fill up your surroundings with the scent of cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans.

Ultrasonic or Humidifying Diffusers:

These are the most common types of diffusers. It contains a basin that is filled with water and oils. Then, ultrasonic waves spread the water and oil into the room with a wide range. It is ideal for aromatherapy sessions. 

Arksutra’s Rosemary and Lavender Diffuser Oil is the best way to remove stress and feelings of anxiety from your mind. Combined with Lavender and rosemary essential oil, it can relieve stress and enhance better concentration, improve mental clarity and relieve fatigue and stress, impacting a positive effect on your mood and can be used to reduce anxiety.

Arksutra’s Orsis and Ylang diffuser oil has a powerful and mesmerizing scent that can eliminate stress making it effective in aromatherapy. Due to its antispasmodic and decongestant properties, it can help you to get instant relief from cough and congestion, allowing you to breathe without difficulty.

Evaporative Diffusers: 

This diffuser has a small fan, which helps the oil turn into gas, making it evaporate into the air. As the oil evaporates, it loses some of its influence. So, it is ideal for people who want a quick, occasional aromatic sensation.  

Arksutra’s Rose special diffuser oil comes up with deep and enriching floral scents of rose, which will fill your room with a mesmerizing and refreshing aroma if you want a quick aromatic sensation. The Stress-busting fragrance of rose oil can be an excellent option to kick start your day. 

Heat or Electric Diffusers: 

This diffuser uses heat or electricity to diffuse the oil. Heating oil may change its chemical properties, making it less or more intense depending on its properties. Because there’s no fan involved, these diffusers are silent. Different heat diffusers include candle, electric, and lamp ring diffusers.

Arksutra’s Tangerine and Bergamot Diffuser Oil may fill your room with the refreshing honey aroma of Tangerine and reduce stress due to Bergamot. Its pleasant and healing properties make it an ideal choice for aromatherapy. 

Terracotta Diffusers:

These clay bottles or pots are usually covered with a cork to keep the oil inside. The scent diffuses when the oil touches the clay and is dispersed into the room. Since the method is natural, it does not have any other way to diffuse the scent evenly; the aroma is most potent immediately after the oil is placed in the pot and disappears over time.

Arksutra’s Orris and ylang-ylang diffuser oil have a deep, exotic floral scent, which can help relieve stress and keep the mind and body calm. You must have this versatile diffuser oil in your home. 

Arksutra’s Rose special diffuser oil, made from pure rose petals, is one of the most popular choices due to its floral, mesmerizing, and refreshing aroma. The stress-busting diffuser oil is an excellent option to feel fresh and energetic throughout your day. 

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