Musk & Green Tea Body Mist

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Arksutra’s Musk & Green Tea Body Mist is infused with Tea Tree Oil will fill your shower with a warm woodsy scent. Infused with Tea tree Oil and enriched with organic almond and coconut oil, the body mist helps moisture, nourish and hydrate your skin. This body mist gives your skin the necessary care. This cruelty-free body mist contains no paraben. Our body mist is made with natural ingredients such as pure Tea Tree Extract and organic almond and coconut oil. Our entire natural body mist line is SLS-free and Biodegradable.



Before we proceed and dive intoArksutra’s Musk & Green Tea Body Mist, let us discuss some of the fantastic benefits of the ingredients present in Arksutra’s Body mist which is infused with Tea tree essential oil. 

Musk oil is not only known for its fantastic scent; it has various health and skin benefits. Due to its excellent benefits, it is used in various skin and beauty products. It can help nourish the skin for several hours, is best for treating itchy skin, and is highly used for keeping the skin nourished, moisturized, and beautiful.

Green tea has not only impressive health benefits, but you can also enjoy it by using it for the skin. Green tea reduces redness, itchiness, and irritation. Since it contains Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, it can help maintain youthful skin and firmness. It also acts as a hydrator for dry skin. The components in green tea make it a miracle for treating dark circles.

Tea tree oil is commonly used in beauty, cosmetics, topical medicines, and household products. Tea tree oil contains those compounds that can fight bacteria responsible for body odor, and you can use it to make a safe and effective deodorant. The anti-inflammatory property of tea tree oil can help soothe dry skin and relieve pain, swelling, and irritated skin. 

Now let us go through the key benefits and features of Arksutra’s Musk & Green Tea Body Mist: – 

  • Eco-friendly and Vegan: The ingredients are sourced locally, and the essential oils are plant-derived and natural. We haven’t tested our products on animals as we are concerned about them. We source our raw materials from eco-friendly suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Naturally Formulated: Our Musk and Green Tea Body mist have natural ingredients. The refreshing fragrance oil in our product is cruelty-free, non-toxic, and chemical-free.
  • The Natural Benefits: Arksutra’s Musk & Green Tea Body Mist has the anti-inflammatory effects of pure tea tree extract. Green tea is a mild astringent that can cleanse, tone, and purify your skin. Our Mist is rich in organic almond and coconut oil that helps moisturize, nourish, and hydrate your skin.
  • Skin Moisturization: Our body mist contains tea tree oil which can moisturize and soften your skin. After using Musk and green tea mists, the body remains hydrated and moisturized, preventing dry skin conditions.
  • Suitability: Our body mist is perfect for all skin types. It has no side effects as it is made of natural ingredients. The warm woodsy aroma will uplift your mood and provide freshness all day. It is infused with Pure Tea Tree Oil, has anti-inflammatory effects, and this combination will keep you fresh all day long.

Arksutra’s Musk & Green Tea Body Mist can evoke freshness and its woodsy scent, while the camphor-like smell of tea tree oil soothes and relieves your skin.  

4 reviews for Musk & Green Tea Body Mist

  1. Arpita Mangal (verified owner)

    I’m a happy customer who keeps coming back for more! Their dedication to providing the best products and service is truly commendable.

  2. Rajani Sanjay (verified owner)

    I’ve always loved natural fragrances, and their range is a dream come true. Each scent transports me to a different world!

  3. Vikram Naidu (verified owner)

    I love their attention to detail and the care they put into crafting their products. Each one feels like a work of art!

  4. Latha Naresh Pai

    The Musk & Green Tea Body Mist from Arksutra is my go-to fragrance for a refreshing and uplifting experience. The fusion of musk and green tea creates a unique scent that is both soothing and invigorating. ✨💚 Every spritz transports me to a serene oasis, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and confident throughout the day. The long-lasting formula ensures that the enchanting aroma stays with me for hours, making it perfect for any occasion. 🌸✨ Arksutra has truly crafted a masterpiece with this body mist. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking a harmonious blend of elegance and freshness. Highly recommended!

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