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Skin is only part of the body’s organ, which one must take care of from toxins, chemicals, and other substances. Even the ingredients might have unfamiliar names and small labels. However, many commercial soaps have components that can negatively impact you or the environment. There are handcrafted soaps, which are made from organic ingredients.



You may encounter significant skin problems, rashes, blackheads, pimples, black spots, skin tanning, wrinkles, early aging, and dry skin. However, the only solution to all such problems is Rooh Khus Handcrafted soap, which has some of the best natural ingredients to help cleanse the skin without having side effects. This article will briefly tell you the benefits of Rooh Khus handcrafted soap and why you choose Arksutra. Before we proceed, let us dive into the basics of Khus and its benefits.

What is Khus, and How does it Benefit the Skin?

Commonly known as vetiver or Khus, it is the perfect ingredient to attain healthy and softer skin. It is generally used in aromatherapy, the food and beverages industry, and dry skin treatment. One of the essential properties of Khus is cicatrisant. Being a significant part of Indian Ayurveda, Khus is known to strengthen connective tissues, cure muscle pain, and promote cleansed and happy skin. Besides this, Khus boosts cell growth and is responsible for regeneration. 

Benefits of Arksutra’s Rooh khus Handcrafted Soap:

Arksutra’s Rooh Khus handcrafted soap offers a cool woodsy and earthy scent shower. It is infused with pure Khus extract that has antifungal properties.

As discussed, khus are beneficial for dry skin, fading out scars, and even pigmentation. So Rooh Khus Handcrafted soap is enriched with pure almond and virgin oil, which will help to restore your skin PH balance leaving the skin soft and tender.

The Benefits of Arksutra’s Rooh Khus Soap are as follows:

  • The soap cleanses the skin, smoothens its texture, and tightens the pores. Khus makes the skin soft and toned.
  • Rooh khus handcrafted soap is made from natural ingredients
  • It is Paraben-free, cruelty-free, SLS free, and mineral oil-free
  • One of the added advantages is it is suitable for all skin types


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