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Roses are the flower of love, luxurious, fragrant, and romantic. They may make our yards pretty and keep our rooms fresh, but they may also help with fatigue, anxiety, dry skin, or congestion.

Rosewater isn’t new for you. Roses are 30 million years old, and rose water has been used for around 14 centuries and originated in Iranian medical and spiritual practices.



There are many benefits of rose water for the skin, and it’s been used for thousands of years to keep you refreshed. Below are the reasons to use rose water spray, what rose water is made of, and why choose Arksutra. 

Rosewater is anti-inflammatory making it perfect for your skincare routine. You can find rosewater sprays that you can easily carry and use. So let us discuss how rose water spray can go into a skincare routine.

  • Whenever you feel hot or down, spray rose water on your face to reawaken your skin and feel renewed, further giving a fresh aromatic fragrance to your face.
  • Rosewater is considered the best when you feel irritation because it is anti-inflammatory and it helps to reduce acne and rosacea. 
  • Rosewater spray can also wipe the makeup off, and it will leave your skin feeling clean while keeping it hydrated.
  • Use rosewater as a toner after washing your face if you don’t want to remove your makeup. 
  • Rosewater will help remove the oils and debris from your pores and calm your skin before bed.
  • Rosewater sprays help fight inflammation and help to reduce redness. 
  • Soothe Razor Burn: Rosewater can help calm redness, itching, and irritation.

What Arksutra’s Natural Rose Water is Made of? 

Arksutra’s natural rose water is made from the roses of Kannauj, a region in North India rich in white soil conducive to rose growth. The Kannauj rose is considered unique; it has the exact specifications of the Bulgarian rose. The steam-water distillation process used to create this wonderful rosewater ensures a high level of hygiene and unmatched purity.

What to Look for in a Rosewater Spray

When choosing a rose water spray, the key ingredient is natural. Rosewater is so adequate as it contains natural botanicals, and it doesn’t need a lot of unnecessary elements. 

Arksutra’s Rose natural water has soothing and hydrating ingredients like Kannauj roses. 

Why Arksutra?

Arksutra’s rose water is made from the roses of Aligarh and Kannauj. About 50 kgs of rose petals are steam distilled to make 10 liters of rose water. Rose water is a natural astringent that hydrates revitalizes, tightens pores, and restores your skin’s pH level.

We offer our customers the purest forms of rose water spray, which you can apply directly to your skin. No chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients are added for fragrances. Therefore, you can use them daily. Let us know how to use rose water spray. 

  1. Cleanse your skin with a face wash.
  2. Apply our rose water spray to your face and neck. 
  3. Apply serums or treatments.
  4. Apply moisturizer.
  5. Apply sunscreen.

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  1. Siya Nair (verified owner)

    I’m thrilled with my purchase! The products are not only effective but also beautifully presented. I couldn’t be happier!

  2. Aaradhya Verma (verified owner)

    The package arrived on time and was beautifully wrapped. Opening it felt like receiving a special gift!

  3. Ananya Khurana (verified owner)

    The package arrived on time and was beautifully wrapped. Opening it felt like receiving a special gift!

  4. Nita Ahuja

    Love at first spritz! The Rose Water🌹💦 by Arksutra is a divine elixir for my skin. It refreshes, hydrates, and leaves my complexion glowing with a natural radiance. It’s pure floral bliss in a bottle!

  5. Armaan Bhatia (verified owner)

    I am absolutely delighted with my recent purchase! The quality and fragrance are top-notch, and the packaging is so elegant. Highly recommended!

  6. Khushi Gupta (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many brands, but this one stands out! Their commitment to natural ingredients and authentic fragrances is commendable. I’m a loyal customer now.

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