Tangarie & Bergamot Diffuser oil

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Arksutra’s Tangerine and Bergamot diffuser oil has been formulated to evoke a sweet floral fragrance with an element of citrus. This plant-based diffuser oil is made with natural ingredients such as Bergamot essential oil and tangerine fruit. This silicon-free diffuser oil contains no parabens. Our entire diffuser oil line is non-toxic, chemical-free, SLS-free and Biodegradable.

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Before we proceed and dive into Arksutra’s Tangerine and Bergamot diffuser oil, let us discuss some of the fantastic benefits of the ingredients present in Arksutra’s diffuser oil. 

The tangerine essential oil has a sweet citrus scent identical to Mandarin. Its refreshing and rejuvenating characteristics can help in thought processes and regain emotional imbalances. Aroma therapists consider tangerine comforting, soothing, and warming. It is widely used in perfumes and soaps as an antispasmodic, sedative, stimulant, and tonic agent.

While Bergamot, a look-a-like lemon, is a citrus fruit noted for its soothing, refreshing citrus aroma and fruity flavor. In aromatherapy sessions, bergamot essential oil is one of the most used essential oils. The bergamot essential oil exhibits antiseptic, therapeutic properties, anti-microbial, deodorant, and antispasmodic properties. Bergamot is an antibiotic, sedative, and analgesic used as a disinfectant with stress-relieving properties.

Now let us go through the key benefits and features of Tangerine and Bergamot Diffuser Oil: – 

  • Eco-friendly and Vegan: The ingredients are sourced locally, and the essential oils are plant-derived and natural. We haven’t tested our products on animals as we are concerned about them. We source raw materials from eco-friendly suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Naturally Formulated: Our vegan and non-GMO Tangerine and Bergamot diffuser oil is made from pure ingredients. The refreshing fragrance oil in our diffuser oil is cruelty-free and chemical-free.
  • The Natural Benefits: Arksutra’s Tangerine and Bergamot Diffuser Oil comes with the refreshing, honey aroma of Tangerine and stress-reducing benefits of Bergamot. Due to its pleasant and healing properties, you can also use this oil for aromatherapy. 
  • Improves Focus and Energy: You can get a mood makeover with the help of the tangerine and bergamot properties of this calming essential oil blend. The bergamot essential oil present in our diffuser oil can improve focus, while the tangerine essential oil can boost energy levels.
  • Suitability: This diffuser oil can be used in any room, including the bedroom, drawing room, or study room. Since it’s a natural oil, it has no side effects. Just a few drops and unwind instantly after a hard & tough day. 

We offer the purest forms of diffuser oils to our customers (NOTE: DO NOT APPLY ONTO THE SKIN). No chemicals, any artificial colors, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients are added to fragrances. Therefore, they prove to be ideal for daily use. 

Arksutra’s Tangerine and Bergamot diffuser oil can fill up your room with a refreshing citrus aroma, calming and soothing your mind and nerves quickly. 

2 reviews for Tangarie & Bergamot Diffuser oil

  1. Oroosa Anwar (verified owner)

    I can’t thank them enough for their amazing customer service. They went above and beyond to ensure my shopping experience was smooth and enjoyable!

  2. Seema Bedi

    The Tangarie & Bergamot Diffuser Oil from Arksutra is a true game-changer! The refreshing citrusy scent of tangarie combined with the soothing essence of bergamot creates a heavenly aroma that fills my space with positivity and energy. It instantly brightens up my mood and creates a relaxing atmosphere. I can’t imagine my home without it now!

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