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Health Benefits of Using Natural Soaps

Health Benefits of Using Natural Soaps

The word ‘soap’ is used as a skin cleanser. Some soaps deodorize; others are antimicrobial, antiaging, moisturizing and more. Soap is something that almost everyone uses. But you never know how it is going to affect your body. One way to reduce exposure to potentially harmful toxins is to use natural soap. If you want to buy natural handmade soap? Then this blog is for you. Before proceeding with the benefits of natural handcrafted soap , let us first know what natural soaps are. 

Natural soaps are made of natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients are plant-derived and rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. These are basic needs for the growth of human skin, hair and other body parts. Many natural handcrafted have essential oils and botanical extracts, making them the best to remain healthy. 

Switching to natural soaps as per your skin type and preferences are recommended. These soaps render excellent benefits to the skin. Let us discuss some of the benefits of using handcrafted natural soaps. 

1.   Natural soap is highly moisturizing.

One of the significant benefits of using handcrafted soap is its moisturizing properties. Grab Arksutra’s handcrafted Lemon and Neroli soap which can nourish your skin as it contains lemon, which is rich in Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acid and Neroli, which has moisturizing properties. 

2.   Cruelty-free and animal-friendly soap

Another major benefit of natural and organic soaps is that it assures you that they won’t hurt any animals in the testing or production phases. Ingredients are exclusively plant-based and organic and do not cause widespread environmental damage.

If you want Cruelty-free and animal-friendly soap, grab Arksutra’s newest launch; Musk and Green Tea Soap, Rooh Sandalwood Soap and many more. 

3.   Rich in Antioxidants

Since the ingredients used in organic soaps are rich in antioxidants, they can repair the skin by reducing inflammation, keeping skin hydrated, and helping users in having young-looking, healthier skin. 

Are you interested in soap rich in antioxidants?

Shop from Arksutra’s newest launch, Musk and Green Tea soap infused with Tea tree oil. Arksutra’s Musk and Green Tea soap infused with Tea Tree Oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are infused with Tea tree Oil and enriched with coconut oil, which can help moisture, nourish and hydrate your skin.

4.   They Don’t Use Preservatives.

Organic products have a shorter life, but their benefits outweigh the life. The preservatives used in non-organic products are toxic to humans or the environment. However, natural soaps do not contain any preservatives as they are naturally formulated.   

5.   Natural Antibacterial Properties

In most antibacterial soaps, triclosan, parabens, sulphates, and other toxic chemicals are found, which may increase the risk of cancers, alter the hormonal balance, and affect your reproductive system. On the other hand, organic soaps do not contain these chemicals and instead use antibacterial agents like essential oils. Antibacterial soap, however, can be processed with a chemical called triclosan or triclocarban. This chemical is not present in plain soap, and this ingredient is meant to stop bacteria production. 

Whether looking for a self-care routine, you need handcrafted body soaps, the only solution to your problems. Arksutra is coming up with the best antibacterial soap for you. 

Arksutra’s Rooh Gulab Soap will fill your shower with floral scents. It is enriched with pure virgin coconut, geranium oil which has antifungal properties and jojoba oil; the soap helps delay signs of ageing, leaving the skin soft and healthy. 

Arksutra’s Rooh Sandalwood Soap will fill your shower with a rich, sweet, woody, exotic and lingering aroma of Sandalwood having antifungal properties. The soap is enriched with pure patchouli and helps your skin moisturize even in winters.

6.   Natural Scents for Real Aromatherapy

The scents used for natural soap can help soothe your mind and body through aromatherapy. Aromatherapy helps relieve stress and improves overall mood and outlook. One cannot recreate the chemical composition of essential oils in a laboratory, and the therapeutic aspects are lost when natural products are replaced with synthetic versions. It has been proven that naturall formulated essential oils release the neurochemicals in the brain that can improve your mind, body and soul.

If you are looking for soaps for your aromatherapy sessions, then prefer Arksutra’s Rooh Gulab soap and Rooh Sandalwood Soap. 

Rooh Sandalwood Soap is rich in Sandalwood, which has a deep and unconventional fragrance that can capture the attention of people near you. Its wooden scent can freshen up the entire respiratory tract. The calming, soothing and earthy scent of pure patchouli infused in the soap is used to give a peculiar scent.

Rooh Gulab Soap: Arksutra’s Rooh Gulab Soap can fill your shower with a refreshing floral scent, which is ideal for aromatherapy sessions. 

7.   Natural Soap Helps Maintain Healthy Skin

Everyone wants healthy skin which is not vulnerable to synthetic chemicals. If you are unable to find a soap that is not irritating, switching to the daily use of a simple natural soap is an easy place to start. Your skin can tell the difference.

If you are looking for a soap that helps maintain healthy skin, the Arksutra’s soaps are the best for you. Lemon and neroli soap have the antibacterial and antifungal properties of basil extract. The presence of Neroli in the soap can rejuvenate, regenerate and keep your skin health intact. 

While, Arksutra Rooh Khus soap is enriched with pure almond and virgin oil, which will help to restore your skin PH balance leaving the skin soft and tender.

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