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Ayurveda is a Hindu ancient traditional term for medicine that got its recognition many years back and originated from the Atharvaveda, where you can find observation of multiple diseases along with its treatments.

As per the Ayurveda, it’s an amalgamation of five elements of the universe – Vayu (Air), Jala (water), Akash (space), Teja (fire), and Prithvi (Earth). These elements articulate three different doshas which circulate within our body in the form of different types of Energy. Each dosha specifies our various physiological needs and their functions.


As discussed, the imbalances in these doshas affect our lifestyle. Body odor is one of the things that may happen because of VIKRITI. It creates the wrong impression and says a lot about a person’s habits and hygiene. The only thing you need is a body mist. Arksutra is coming up with Body Mist, infused with the five elements of Ayurveda. 

Let us discuss each element of Ayurveda in detail and what Arksutra has for you. 

Earth: Earth expresses itself in the form of our sense of smell, teeth, bones, and nails. Earth explains the physical presence of your body, your bones and teeth, and your muscle tissue. It’s what gives you form and weight and what grounds you in the tactile environment. 

Emotional symptoms of Earth when imbalanced include neediness, emotional volatility, worrying, over-protectiveness, obsession, possessiveness, having no routine or being overly habitual, feeling unsupported, unbalanced or scattered, emotional eating, feeling emotions in the tummy, and suffering with mind fog. When element Earth is imbalanced, it can result in weakness, a sense of insecurity, lack of muscle, and a feeling of cold.

If this is you, then you might want to balance by nourishing yourself with experiences that feed your soul, body, and mind. However, you can go for Earth infused with Sandalwood Essential Oil to regain.

EARTH infused with SANDALWOOD OIL: Arksutra’s Earth Body Mist takes inspiration from the element that grounds us, infused with sandalwood essential oil. This steam-distilled mixture lingers in the air to give you refreshment long after you spray. The fragrance is natural and uplifting. 

The fragrance of Arksutra’s Sandalwood Essential Oil has relaxing properties, which also help to reduce stress and promote better sleep. It has a woody aroma suitable for concentration, meditation, and spiritual practices.

  • Aromatherapy: Sandalwood has a deep and unconventional fragrance that can capture the attention of people near you. Its wooden scent freshens up the entire respiratory tract. Aromatherapy heals problems through aroma. Aroma relaxes your body due to ingredients like wood, etc., present in it. These natural ingredients soothe the mind and help relieve ailments like headaches, depression, and stress.
  • Therapeutic Properties: It nourishes your dull skin to make it look fresh and glowing. It helps alleviate mental stress, fatigue, and anxiety, making using aromatherapy practices and spa centers very popular.
  • Some people get tanned faster, especially in summer. If you want to improve your skin complexion then you should consider Arsutra’s Sandalwood essential oil. It can remove tanning, and dark spots and lighten the skin tone.

Arksutra Sandalwood Essential Oils has a deep and unconventional fragrance that can capture the attention of people near you. Its wooden scent can freshen up the entire respiratory tract. While the calming, earthy, and musky scent of pure patchouli is used to give a peculiar scent. The brand introduces 100% pure, honest and luxurious beauty and skincare products, encouraging people around the globe to say.

2 reviews for Earth Body Mist

  1. Vasudha Saluja (verified owner)

    Their products have become a staple in my daily routine. The high-quality ingredients and exquisite scents have won me over.

  2. Saroj Babbar

    I absolutely love Arksutra’s Earth Body Mist! It has become my go-to fragrance for a refreshing and grounding experience. The earthy and natural scent is so captivating, and it lingers throughout the day. The mist is light and non-greasy, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s a 5-star product that I highly recommend to anyone seeking a luxurious and long-lasting body mist!

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